Laptop Motherboard Repair / Replacement

Has your laptop stopped working and do you have a blue screen? Well, this could be one factor of your laptop motherboard failing.
Oxon IT Support provides laptop motherboard repairs, graphics repair, video, GPU and BGA chip reballing service for all brands models.

We offer laptop motherboard replacement services at reasonable cheap prices, in situations where the motherboard may be too badly damaged and cannot be repaired.

Laptop Motherboard Repair Services
Laptop Motherboard Failure Symptoms
  • Laptop is completely dead and won't turn on
  • Laptop powering up but not booting
  • Laptop powering up but gives out three beeps.
  • Laptop operates slower than expected and generates heat
  • Laptop screen goes dim
  • Laptop freezing or shuts down randomly while in use
  • Distorted or discoloration graphics on the laptop screen
  • No LED light activity when you press on the power button
  • Duplicate images, blank screen, no graphics, no display issues
  • White Lines Running Across Screen
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Its likely problem with the laptop’s graphic chipset on the motherboard gets too hot. The only solution is reballing of the BGA (Ball Grid Array) and re-soldering graphic chipset to the motherboard.

All laptops that come in for a component level repair take a little longer than other repairs. This is because we thoroughly test all aspects of the board to find all faults. Once the laptop motherboard has been repaired, it is thoroughly tested for a few days to ensure that the repair has taken fully. Contact us mobile 07814520043 for No Obligation Quotations.