Virus Protection, Data Backup Solution and Printers

Anti-Virus & Malware Protection for laptop, pc and enterprise solution:

It takes a lot more than anti-virus to cover every threat to your laptop, PC and business data. We can provide you what you need complete security and data protection all in a way that lets you manage it centrally, simply and quickly. Spend less time worrying about security so you can focus on more important things. We are Sophos's authorized partner. Contact us for prices.
Sophos Anti Virus Solution

Is your Data backed up and protected?

How often do you backup your company's data? Are you storing a recent backup offsite? When was the last time you tested a restore from your current backup solution?

Backup and disaster recovery
It’s vitally important that you have a proper computer network solution for backup and disaster recovery. In order to backup all your company's information (which can extend to quite a large amount of data), a data tape device installed on the server (or online backup see below online backup) combined with specialist software will quickly and efficiently backup your data each day to a tape that can then be taken off the business premises for safekeeping. In the unfortunate event of a complete system failure or "crash", we can restore your system data back to its original state enabling your company a speedy recovery and return to work.

Online backup solution for PCs, Laptops and ServersOxon IT Support and Backup Direct Partners
Online Backup for PCs, Laptops and Servers is an automatic, secure and stress-free backup solution for a single home, business users or companies that care about their data. Taking away the hassle of backup, changing tapes and taking media offsite. Contact us for No Obligation Quotations.

Printers and Scanners Installation & Troubleshooting

Oxon IT Support can supply or configure all kinds of printers / Scanners for your home PC or office, including:
  • Parallel Printers / Scanners
  • USB Printers / Scanners
  • IP / Networks Printers / Scanners
  • Computer Share Printers / Scanners

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