IT Office Moves, Changes & New Setup

Office Moves or New Setup

Oxon IT Support provides services to move IT systems from one site to another or a new setup and installation. We have experience and knowledge in server, PC and IT equipment relocations and help from start to finish when an organisation or home user relocates, whether it is desktop personal computers (PC) or an entire server room.
Some of the responsibilities we are normally assigned include:
  • LAN infrastructure preparation
  • Liaison with telecom and ADSL providers to make sure all services are launched in the new location on time
  • Physical computer hardware relocation
  • IT Infrastructure setup in the new offices
  • Configuration and testing to make sure everything is up & running before the move in.
  • Troubleshooting if any after moving
IT Office Move or New Setup

Floor Box / Desk Points installation and relocations

Floor boxes through desk moves and employee changes regularly become made or leave desks without enough data or voice points. Our service provides for new data and voice cabling to floor boxes, moving floor boxes.

Computer & Desk Moves

In addition to moving data cabling and floor boxes, we can also arrange to move the computer terminals, desk and all accessories providing a system to use straight away.

IT Cabinet Organisation

For IT data cabinets that have become congested and cramped with multiple patch leads and equipment, we can provide colour coded cut to length patch leads and reorganize equipment to provide greater space and traceable patching.

Meeting Room Organisation

For meeting tables and desks that suffer from a tangle of cabling for data and power below the work area we can cut all cabling to length and route cabling to provide a neat, inconspicuous cabling system out of reach and damage. Fit projectors, LCDs, Flat Panel TV in home theatre, meeting rooms and classrooms

Out of Hours Office Moves

Office moves are usually expected out of hours and as a standard option, we undertake our office moves after hours and at weekends to minimize disruption. This allows for desks, computers, data and power outlets moving from one position at the close of play and being fully operational the start of the next working day. Contact us for No Obligation Quotations.