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If you detect or suspect a virus on your computer, please contact us immediately! We are experts at properly removing viruses, patching up the damage and safely protecting your files in the future. We scan and remove all viruses including Worms, Malware, Hoaxes, Trojans Keystroke Loggers, Conficker, Malicious Active Content Infection and more. Computer Virus often is used to mean all malicious software.

Sometimes malware can infect your computer even if you have installed anti-virus software and kept it up to date. Even after you have downloaded new software from the internet that promises to identify and remove the problem, the problem persists. In this event, we can help with removing viruses, adware removal, spyware removal and pop-up removal. In many cases, malware will alter the code in your registry and load itself every time you reboot your computer. Whatever the problem, our engineer will present you with a solution.

How do I know if my computer is infected with virus?

It's not always easy to tell, but here are a few symptoms of an infected computer:

  • Computer crashes, stops responding or freezes up often
  • Slow access to the internet browser even while you are not doing anything significant
  • Virus scanner crashes and can not be started again
  • You are no longer able to visit Anti Virus sites
  • Hard disk fills up and you can't find the files that use up all the disk space
  • Computer system all for sudden attempts to connect Internet
  • Applications on your computer don’t work correctly
  • Disks or disk drives are not accessible
  • You see weird error messages
  • Running out of Windows "resources"
  • Your mail server is extremely busy processing outbound mail
  • Nightly incremental backups are all for sudden much larger than usual
  • New user accounts show up and nobody knows who added them
  • A given server (web/FTP/mail) keeps crashing for no apparent reason

If you have the above problems then it is even more likely you have an infection problem:

  • Your files and programs have been erased
  • Your personal information and files have been stolen (identity theft)
  • Spam emails is being sent out from your computer
  • Files appearing on your computer that you haven't created

A computer virus is a malicious self-replicating program. The longer you use an infected computer, the greater the chance that you will lose data, corrupt your files and operating system and infect other computers.

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