Testimonials - Satisfied customers

"Mr Aktar sorted out my laptop problem quickly and efficiently. He also took the time to explain to me what had gone wrong and how some features of my laptop worked, which I appreciated. He is polite and friendly. It is possible to find a parking space near his office- an important consideration in Oxford. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to my friends."
Lorraine Foreman-Peck

"The nature of my publishing work means that I must have faultless IT and I have found my re-assurance in Oxon IT Support. The service is not only fast but wholly reliable and their solutions stick. It is as if I had my own IT department sitting next to me. I recommend them without reservation!"
William Beaver
Editor SHA

"Oxon IT Support was extremely helpful, very polite and solved my problem within hours. Very friendly service and good value too. I will definitely use them again. Thank you!"
Charlie Milne
Home User

"Oxon IT support is an absolute life-saver. Professional, quick to respond and good communicators. We have had only excellent experiences with them".
William Humphreys
Oxford Royale Academy

"Naveed of Oxon IT Support has worked for myself and my various companies on various jobs on a regular basis over the last ten years and I would recommend him and his company to any person or organisation looking for a reliable and efficient IT consultant to help with their every need whether in a problem solving capacity or installation of hardware or software or general systems advice. Naveed's work has always been of the highest standard and Naveed himself can be commended on his integrity and relationship skills. I would also recommend Naveed on the basis of the high level of after sales service he provides, he has always been available and quick to respond to any ongoing issues after the initial works are done. All in all a great company."
John Loosemore
Wildwood Investments ltd.

"Oxon IT support coordinated our recent office move and was responsible for all our computer and network needs. The service was excellent, reliable, professional and excellent value for money."
Mirjam Peternek
Managing Director
Lemongrass Marketing

"The level of service has been exceptional across all of these activities, and we have gone from a situation with endless minor frustrations to one where we don't have to think about the IT at all - and that's what it should be like. We strongly recommend this company, and personally I have their number on speed-dial"
Mike Gardom